At ThinkData Solutions, our name says it all. We thoughtfully provide a wide variety of solutions to data & technology related challenges.

While every solution designed by ThinkData is customized to meet specific needs, we divide our services into three main categories




Who is ThinkDataSol? Our work has exposed us to hundreds of networks and end users. We offer customized excel training solutions. We write our own books. We create videos. We instruct others on how to create content. Whether the instruction is for an individual or for several hundred employees in multiple locations, we customize our training to fit your needs. We have space to accommodate 10, 15 or even 40 at our ThinkDataLab and Facilities, located in the Innovation Depot in Birmingham, Ala. We can travel to your offices and provide on-site techniques and guidance. If you have a need for remote training and self-paced capabilities, or need temporary cloud-based training, we have you covered.

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At ThinkData, we realize that no two scenarios are exactly alike. Therefore, each solution we develop for client engagement is unique to suit your needs. We have provided solutions for linear tracking of construction projects, repairs and packaging materials for the automotive industry, plus workflow and reporting systems for federal housing, early childhood education, and various other corporate and nonprofit organizations. Whether you just need a suggestion of where to start, confirmation of your ideas, or comprehensive planning for your solution, we can help you get started in the right direction and with a solid plan.

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For most of our clients it starts with a spreadsheet. We often find that we can build the tools your company needs with the mechanisms in which you have already invested. (And the Excel spreadsheets you are currently drowning in.) We have no fear of legacy systems, they are expected. Is your data too hard to decipher, so others have failed? We love a good challenge. There are options that make every solution and every budget work together. If you are just getting started, or have been thinking "There's got to be a better way," then you are probably more ready to start than you think.

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