If you aren’t engaged, it’s not working.

Our latest project? Building data warehouses or marts. How we do this is by training the end users how to use the tools that IT has diligently put in place. We meet great end users all the time. They aren’t the “IT Guys/Gals”; however, they are using technology regularly to solve the day to day challenges of meeting necessary reporting requirements.


DevelopingLBpersonWhen working with the client through training their new hires on technical stuff like Excel and Crystal Reports, we learn that our business end users who write the best reports are usually the best candidates to bring the “tech” up in the department, at least for data and reporting.


If you could see what we see with your end users, you’d seriously put us on retainer to straighten it out between the two groups. They are desperate to have better tools, but they just don’t know which ones to ask for. They know the issues they have. They think they can solve it. They don’t know what to type on the description on the help desk ticket.



Mainly the CIO, COO or CTO is responsible for all the network and business technologies. Each organization is structured differently, but they all have the exact same pain points, but not always at the same time. They all pretty much implement the same type of tools, but they use vastly different technologies to accomplish the same job.


Mix in the new breed of end user. The person in the business who seems to always work it out? They are often as ragged looking as the developers and coders that we see day to day, who work all night to solve the issue. They are often the one in training that everyone talks about. What would happen if you let us put those people in a room together?


Mix in some educational objectives that encourage open communication – it’s a party for us with the flood gates open. This is just natural to our process at ThinkData. If you aren’t engaged, it’s not working.


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