Difference between OneDrive and SharePoint

What’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint? One of the most common questions that I encounter is what’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint. I think we should talk about how they are the same first. I think it is … Continued

Office365 End User Training

We have been migrating various size organizations since Office 2003 went to Office 2007. We have supported internal migration teams through many Office365 migrations. We are avid users of O365 and also know just how important adoption of these tools … Continued

Consider Learning about Data Science

Are you starting over (or new) and pursuing data science as a career? You must have a hard stop and figure out where you are in your own understanding. I wanted to try to give you a way to get … Continued

PowerBI Workshop with PragmaticWorks

We are so excited to announce a partnership with PragmaticWorks to bring their awesome training to Birmingham, Alabama. Learn more about the first offering here: http://success.pragmaticworks.com/birmingham-power-bi-workshop. We are able to offer a 30% discount for the workshop coming in October 2016. Join … Continued

Joins in database with examples

Why data doesn’t always show up can sometimes be answered by the join type that is being used. You should learn about the joins so that you can either communicate about them, or control the joins yourself. This video might … Continued

What it means to be on lynda.com

I started my formal training career in August 2000 in Birmingham, Alabama. It wasn’t long after that I was teaching the basics of HTML 4 coding…We used notepad in those days. It’s important to start there because that is where … Continued

Make cells grow as you type in Excel 2013

UPDATE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/JzrwsPdFeIg   I decided to write this blog post because in doing my analytic research on my blog from a hundred years ago - http://www.knowledgeworkerblog.com that this has been my most popular post - http://www.knowledgeworkerblog.com/2008/10/make-cells-grow-when-you-type-in.html. I posted it in Excel 2007 version … Continued