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Difference between OneDrive and SharePoint

What’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint? One of the most common questions that I encounter is what’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint. I think we should talk about how they are the same first. I think it is … Continued

Set the Default Chart in Excel

Setting the default chart will help you in a lot of different ways in Excel. For one it helps you from having to constantly change settings if you use the F11 key shortcut. It’s easy to set the default. See … Continued

Using Auto Calculate In Excel (all versions)

I believe that there is a little command that most people could use all the time but often overlook. Auto calculate in Excel. Anytime you select a group of cells if you look at the bottom right of your screen … Continued

Know Your Cursors in Excel

I have been teaching Excel for close to two decades. I know one thing for sure – every time I teach these techniques people learn something new. We are creatures of habit so we often do things the way we … Continued

Tips for the Email Hoarder

We are dealing with large amounts of email. If you asked me to analyze a person workday that’s the first place I am looking – what’s the volume of email. What would your email data say about you? It can … Continued

Import Macros In Access

If you need to import Excel files into a Database, this can show you how to automate the process. Building an import-export macro from Building Solutions Using Excel and Access 2016 Together by Robin Hunt

Calculate In SharePoint Online List

If you have built lists of relevant data in SharePoint that need calculations – not to worry – you can do calculations in SharePoint Online lists. Watch this quick video to get some insight to get started. It is easy … Continued

Create a Promoted Tiles List for SharePoint Online

Tiles help people navigate through all the great things you created for your users. Creating a Promoted Apps list will help. Watch here for a quick demo. Building Promoted Links from SharePoint: Integrating with Access by Robin Hunt