What it means to be on lynda.com

I started my formal training career in August 2000 in Birmingham, Alabama. It wasn’t long after that I was teaching the basics of HTML 4 coding…We used notepad in those days. It’s important to start there because that is where … Continued

Make cells grow as you type in Excel 2013

UPDATE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/JzrwsPdFeIg   I decided to write this blog post because in doing my analytic research on my blog from a hundred years ago - http://www.knowledgeworkerblog.com that this has been my most popular post - http://www.knowledgeworkerblog.com/2008/10/make-cells-grow-when-you-type-in.html. I posted it in Excel 2007 version … Continued

#Learn #Adobe #Forms with Lynda.com

People ask us about Adobe forms all the time – we’ve spent a lot of time building them! This video talks about Adobe PDF forms vs HTML Forms. Check it out. Acrobat Tutorials

#Learn #Illustrator via Lynda.com

Thanks to my friend Marlon who asked this week for training advice on Adobe Illustrator. Lynda.com is a great resource for this.  Learn Illustrator

Pivot Table Format Options

I thought it would be fun to show you how to not display ugly valid errors, like DIV/0, when it’s there because there is a 0, but doesn’t need to show, because everyone knows that it’s zero. Also love to get … Continued

A little shortcut guide for you

We are working on our newest guides. We thought it might be fun to share with you one of our current mockups. If you learn something from it – please like and it and share it!    

STEM Jobs Comprise 6% of the US Workforce

In 2011, Liana Christin Landivar found that “there were 7.2 million STEM workers aged 25 to 64, accounting for 6% of the workforce.” This may not seem like a lot, but this appears to account for strictly STEM related fields. … Continued

STEM Jobs Stimulate Employment In Other Sectors

The STEM field does not exist in a vacuum. Rather, studies have shown that many STEM jobs will stimulate employment in other sectors, some of which are non-STEM related. Mark Mills and Anthony Mills of The Pacific Standard argue that … Continued

Metro Areas With Higher STEM Knowledge Have Stronger Economies

Perhaps this statement is a tad too obvious. The Brookings Institute, in their on-going studies of STEM jobs and the US economy, have determined that metropolitan areas with higher STEM knowledge (i.e. individuals with BA’s or MA’s in STEM, STEM-related … Continued

Wage Premiums for STEM Workers Are 10-14% Higher

In the world of STEM, only 40% of employees have a STEM related degree. The other 60% can learn on the job. For 65% of those with Bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields, they will earn an overall higher amount than … Continued

If you aren’t engaged, it’s not working.

Our latest project? Building data warehouses or marts. How we do this is by training the end users how to use the tools that IT has diligently put in place. We meet great end users all the time. They aren’t … Continued