If you are bored with your own content – imagine how the audience feels?

If you are bored with your own content – imagine then how your audience feels. To be effective at a presentation you should be in love with what you’re sharing. Right now your saying “Robin, I am teaching compliance training” and “People throw up when they are required to attend or watch.”

Find something new in what you are doing even if it is compliance. Learn to love that you are teaching people how to protect themselves, save themselves from endless fines, whatever it is. If it’s for compliance – remember it is helping them somehow.

Remove yourself from the lectern, and immerse yourself into the audience. I promise you – if you are effective at training/education then it will impact the audience engagement.

Update your presentation or your style of delivery. Show something that people can relate to and engage with to help them understand.

Stop sticking with the “old” way. Understand the requirements and listen to the feedback from years past. Use this information to find a new way to deliver it when the old way is just that – old.

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