Calculate In SharePoint Online List

If you have built lists of relevant data in SharePoint that need calculations – not to worry – you can do calculations in SharePoint Online lists. Watch this quick video to get some insight to get started. It is easy to calculate in SharePoint Online lists.

Calculating in SharePoint from SharePoint: Integrating with Access by Robin Hunt

If you liked this video, watch more on this course. Here’s the full course description:

Using the user-friendly data input features of SharePoint Online—along with an Access database—you can build business apps that mobilize workflows and create easy-to-manage databases. In this course, learn how to integrate Access with SharePoint to make data-rich applications. Instructor Robin Hunt shares strategies and techniques that can help you work smarter with these two programs. Robin explains how to align data between SharePoint and Access and set up alerts from Access. She also covers how to build forms and reports for your integration—including how to create views that recreate some of your most valuable reports; how to build views for data in SharePoint; how to generate Excel reports for SharePoint; and how to finalize a database for production.

For more examples of calculations, you can write, and syntax check out:

If you like to read a step by step list, go here to read the steps on how to calculate in a SharePoint Online list.

If you work with data at all it is important to know how to build IF functions in any program that uses them.

If you work with data, it’s important to know how to tie it together sometimes, so learning how to concatenate is easy.



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