Consider Learning about Data Science

Are you starting over (or new) and pursuing data science as a career? You must have a hard stop and figure out where you are in your own understanding. I wanted to try to give you a way to get started figuring out your learning path towards this field – we need you.

If you are already into your career, then you are likely going to be nodding your head in affirmation when review the following example. If you are just getting started it may seem simple enough. Only you can tell – you the truth.

Data people must “see data” in everything to be able to pull it together for anything. I promise data really can be only a handful of things. Let’s keep it simple and accept most data will only be numbers, words and/or dates.

Let’s see how where you are at converting information to usable data.

“Company produced 500 on average per month for a period of 6 months that gave us a gross of 1 million in revenue.”

Now imagine what it would be in a spreadsheet. See the example for comparison. Don’t let the comparison stop you – let it drive you.  this again, is just one example, and one outcome.

If you liked that; then you might also like the videos:

  1. Identifying Data
  2. What Does Data Look Like
  3. The Data We Don’t Have
  4. Truths

You must be able to remove everything from your mine and see the simplest things when you get ready to analyze data. Watch the videos for a deeper understanding of how to “see data.”

If you do not immediately understand this example, then you know you have a little longer path, than if you already did. It’s also for most people a “light” bulb moment when they are at the right fundamental place for the information. This requires you fill in the gaps of time with actual exposure to data with training on data. If you are not currently in the job role, then you may just spend all your time learning. We need a lot of people, so you can take your time or go fast – your choice.

Many of you have Personal, Corporate or University access.

If you have a premium LinkedIn account or a Lynda account, many of you have personal, corporate or university access and do not know it.


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