Difference between OneDrive and SharePoint

What’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

One of the most common questions that I encounter is what’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint. I think we should talk about how they are the same first. I think it is also important to understand the ways we work with documents when we don’t use the tools like OneDrive and SharePoint. Click the Features to learn more and contact us.

How are they the same for the end user*?

End User Features that are the same OneDrive Business SharePoint Online
Create Files like Word, Excel & PowerPoint X X
Stores Word, Excel and other files X X
Interact in the browser & Microsoft Office X X


How are they different for the end user*?


Request End User Features that are different Available OneDrive Business Available SharePoint Online
Sharing capabilities are different  X X
Version capabilities are different X X
Business Intelligence options are different X
We have a document that we can send to you that goes into the following topics.  cLICKHERE

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