Excel Remove Duplicates, Add a SumIF and Create a Chart

Did you like learning these techniques in Excel? It was full of shortcuts not to mention learning about removing duplicates, building a SUMIF, and creating a chart. If you didn’t watch it you missed how to: Create a copy of a sheet without having to go to Right Click, Move Or Copy, Create a Copy – which is way more steps. You missed how to select all the data in a range without having to highlight and drag. You may have missed a few things autofill does that you may not know…

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If you want to work through the video with an actual file you can download it here:

Remove Duplicates, Add a SumIF and build a quick chart video - LotsOfData_Practice (and here is the final file: LotsOfData_Practice_Final) or you can visit: http://www.thinkdatasol.com/downloads/


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