What it means to be on lynda.com

I started my formal training career in August 2000 in Birmingham, Alabama. It wasn’t long after that I was teaching the basics of HTML 4 coding…We used notepad in those days. It’s important to start there because that is where my exposure to Lynda Weinman started. We would go “ask Jeeves” for the web safe color chart and use it in the classroom. The students could then pick their colors and learn about the importance of web safe colors and to understand that monitors didn’t always translate colors like we may think…this seems crazy to me now because of the advances in monitors and mobile devices… To watch Lynda go from the web safe color chart (and way more read the wiki) to Lynda.com has been amazing. Then to be accepted to produce my content for their subscribers was a dream come true and full circle moment for me.

From this entrepreneurs’ perspective having lynda.com being acquired by LinkedIn.com is nothing short of amazing. It’s inspiring to watch a woman owned business, lover of her craft to become the largest online training acquisition to date.

I am proud to have already contributed to the library and I am even more exciting of my next couple of courses. You can view my courses at: http://www.lynda.com/RobinHunt. You can also receive a free trial and show me love by signing up with this link: http://www.lynda.com/trial/RobinHunt.

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