As data has become more and more available to our end users the need for them to write basic SQL queries and even understand them has become greater. ThinkData offers a day course that can bring any business user or data analyst up to speed with the basics of writing SQL queries. SQL querying is important to understand for most data analysts. When you know the fundamentals of data it can be easier to learn and read statements. This is only the beginning.

• Getting Started with learning SQL Queries
• Getting started with any new database
• Creating Simple Select Queries
• Write a simple select statement
• Sort fields in a query statement
• Define query criteria
• Building queries with Multiple Tables
• Relational Database is a design and a concept
• Key fields – Primary and Foreign
• Working with Joins
• Export the Results of your Query
• Building Functions
• Working with Dates in Queries
• Total Records in SQL Query

Plenty of Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts

This session will be in the heart of the Innovation District at the Innovation Depot. The class starts at 9 am, and the welcome starts at 8:45. Class guides will be provided, and laptops are available for use.
Class Instructor is Robin Hunt; you can read more about Robin on LinkedIn. Robin has a love for sharing technology and has trained thousands of people in every aspect and industry in Excel and Office.
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