Make cells grow as you type in Excel 2013



I decided to write this blog post because in doing my analytic research on my blog from a hundred years ago - that this has been my most popular post -

I posted it in Excel 2007 version years ago because it was relevant and a great trick. I wonder how many people need it today.

Make cells grow when you type in Microsoft Excel

I have been looking for the “can grow” option in Excel forever…and I searched for it that way because that is what they call it in Microsoft Access…I have always come up empty handed. In class this week a student asked me “How can I make the cells grow as I type in them?”.
I told them I didn’t think it was possible (never say that teachers!) and of course a student discovered it! You use “Distributed” under the alignment options of Format Cells Dialog box.
Click for larger image for Excel 2013 Screenshot on how to make Excel 2013 cells grow as you type in them, and learn about “justify distributed” while you are at it…
Grow cells in Excel 2013








Watch this video on on aligning text in Excel. Great skills every one who uses Excel should know!


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