Minimize or Collapse the Ribbon in Microsoft Office

I have taught this tip in Excel classes since the advent of the Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007. Screen space is a big deal when you are working with data or really anything. I know I want to be able to see as much as possible and let’s face it the Ribbon in Microsoft Office is big. There is another reason I teach this and it is solely due to the “accidental double clicker” who really is just doing what we used to have to do in Windows 95.

My story goes like this:
IT Guy: Robin, Executive So and So just lost his ribbon, and now he’s freaking out.
Me: If you can lose it, then you can customize it – I’m on my way…

The executive had “accidentally double-clicked” the ribbon, but wasn’t aware that he was teaching me a valuable shortcut to the minimize or collapse of the ribbon, at this point, I only knew to right click to do it. Works in all of the Office products since version 2007 – PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access and Outlook.

Minimize Ribbon In Microsoft Office


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