How to Sort and Filter in Excel 2013

Data Tab has your sort and filter options

Learning how to sort and filter in Excel is pretty important. Here’s how to find the commands you need. Remember clean nice data behaves best. If you have a clean data set which means column headings (just bold is enough), the data has no full blank rows, and there are no full blank columns intermingled in, then you can just place your cursor, and sort. You do not have to select all the data first, if it makes you feel more confident, then by all means – do what you need too.

Favorite Shortcut: Place your cursor on one cell in the data. Hold CTRL, Press A. It will highlight the entire range of data.

Filtering data is a key skill in Excel, but almost as important is recognizing “filtered” data. People inherit other spreadsheets all the time. When you see certain indicators like blue rows or filter icons then you know that data is filtered. Look at the pages from our Not So Fundamental Excel course for examples in the image on how to sort and filter in Excel 2013 below.

Excel 2013 For Every Day Users

Excel 2013 For Every Day Users

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