STEM Jobs Stimulate Employment In Other Sectors

The STEM field does not exist in a vacuum. Rather, studies have shown that many STEM jobs will stimulate employment in other sectors, some of which are non-STEM related. Mark Mills and Anthony Mills of The Pacific Standard argue that “…for each specialized professional, there are five to 15 other jobs” that are created to work alongside the aforementioned specialized professional. These jobs may be in marketing, PR, sales or even transportation. puts it in laymen’s terms: for every job replaced by a computer, there are other jobs created to support that computer in its job.

As we mentioned above, the STEM field spurs economic growth in the United States. As a result, this growth “will spur existing industries and create wholly new businesses, for both near and long terms.” Overall, STEM jobs (especially in technology) shrink the number of specialized jobs while simultaneously increasing overall output and stimulating “greater society-wide employment.”

These are just some of the facts surrounding STEM and the economy. Do you work in the STEM field, or does your current occupation include STEM requirements? Tell us what you think! Be sure to follow us @thinkdatasol and @TechEd4TheDelta, our initiative to bring STEM education to the Mississippi Delta. To learn more, visit


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