Tips for the Email Hoarder

We are dealing with large amounts of email. If you asked me to analyze a person workday that’s the first place I am looking – what’s the volume of email. What would your email data say about you? It can tell us a lot of things just with a brief look.

I have found really two types of email users in my years of training Outlook. Type 1 -  is the person who keeps their Inbox meticulously clean. Type 2 – is one who hoards all the messages. Which one am I? Type 2 – the email hoarder. I keep it all. This post is for all the type 2’s.

Tips for the email hoarder

You should use Search Folders. Search folders allow us to create folders that search our entire mailbox for “search criteria” without regard to the folder the mail lives in.

There are two types of search folders that I use.

  1. Search for a person I regularly communicate with. Instead of typing their name in the search bar, I can just click their search folder. I have a few of these set for the main people I was constantly searching for.
  2. Unread Mail Today. This is the Unread mail, which I also use, but also Unread today. That way I can address the unread mail items each day.

You should adopt email rules. Rules allow us to run junk mail that doesn’t hit junk into whatever folder we want. I have rules that move that standard mailer stuff to Mailers, and then some go straight to my deleted items. I have rules that run all the time, and the rules that run when I choose to run them. It’s a click to organize my hoard.

Here are few other helpful techniques for you to learn and consider. I am using Office365 Mail in these videos, but you get the idea.


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