Training can mean a lot of things depending on the client and their internal training culture.

We know that people need the training we develop because well, people pay us to keep teaching it. We spend more time in inside client offices training then we do our own space. We know the other side of the story too. We know that companies prioritize training based on different things – and it’s hard to justify “sending” someone out for training on software like Word, or Excel that we use it every day.

These sessions are designed with all these things in mind. We truly value each minute we get with a class because we know how hard it is to get to go to one.

As you look below, you will see two different sliders, they are broken up by Lunch and Learn, and Full Day Sessions. You can click the thumbnail to look around at the offerings we currently have published. If you are interested in them you can click the large image to immediately go to the full list of offerings. Please keep in mind, that if you have a group of people, then you can fill one of these days up, or you can let your team pick their date of attendance as each session has multiple dates.

Our lunch and learn training sessions are priced at $75 dollars per attendee. The sessions are offered at our offices at the Innovation Depot in the heart of the Innovation District. Each lunch and learn comes with a catered lunch, session guide and expert instructor. They begin at 10:30 am, with welcome starting at 15 minutes’ prior.

Our training sessions will be in the heart of the Innovation District at our offices at the Innovation Depot. The class starts at 9 am, and the lab opens at 8:45 am. Class guides will be provided, laptops are available for use and lunch is catered. Our classes are intentionally capped at 10 participants.

Class Instructor is Robin Hunt; you can read more about Robin on LinkedIn. Robin has a love for sharing technology and has trained thousands of people in every aspect and industry in Microsoft, Data and Reporting.

What you may not realize is that because of our training division we are diverse content developers. That means that everything you see in these courses, is likely a video, a document or at a minimum an image dedicated to training. That means even if you can’t attend a session, you can still get access to the information and share it with your organization.

We know what you are going to ask….Can you put your content in my system (aka LMS, Intranet, SharePoint) etc? The answer is always YES.

Due to our success as content developers, then we have relationships with some of the best content developers in different subject matters everywhere. We have relationships as one of our co-founders, Robin Hunt, Author for LinkedInLearning, We also enjoy relationships with other training companies.  Why is that important? because it means you have access to other training companies.

If you are an individual: We try to provide as much valuable information as we can, we encourage you to follow us, look through our posts, get connected to us through our free events. You never know who you will meet, or what you might learn.