Video content for quality training to further your skills online training tutorials videoYou do realize that you can learn a lot from quality video content in ten days? You may be practicing a new method of learning that you can use for the rest of your work life. There is so much training content online. I wouldn’t settle on just one place being the end all be all, but I would say that a good many of your eventual training needs can be found here in this library of amazing content. I look forward to the next course its in production as I type this post. We gain so much satisfaction from having written and delivered these courses time and time again through multiple versions. LinkedIn and together is a great combination for the type of content and team that I want to work with.


Building Solutions with Excel and Access Video.

For some of you this series of videos will be the life saver of the day. You deal with a lot of data. Don’t have every tool you’ll ever need, but probably do have these two applications. I have trained these concepts to 1000s of people and in person at that.

I am proud to have this content on and LinkedIn Company. We are so proud that thousands have experienced this training in video format. We can’t wait to see how many people and countries it will touch.

Crystal Reports is a little more obscure than other reporting tools. Most people have a requirement to use, they don’t normally pick it because they love it. However, it is so stupid powerful, that I have hard time not loving it for working with my data sets. I like this course because it covers some key concepts that are agnostic of the tool.

Crystal Reports 2013 Video: Linking, Nulls, and Letter Writing

This has always been fun for me to teach. People were able to implement as soon as they understood the ideas. I love Crystal Reports and the idea of using it to generate letters that someone might be using mail merge to do.


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