Video Training for Business

We offer video training for business users of all types, and all methods.

We offer live webcast for migration day basics for organizations

  • Great for any organization of any size
  • Easy for the participants
  • and almost always offered in migration project

We offer a library of “need to know” basics for O365

  • Videos are short and to the point.
  • They are easy to re-watch and retain
  • They are centered around productivity and user adoption

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ThinkDataSol’s Robin Hunt also provides content to and LinkedIn Learning

Visit: and when you login – use your linkedin account. Paid LinkedIn Subscribers already have full access to these courses.

Every person that works with analytics, from data mining to business intelligence, has to start with the raw data. The goal of this training course is to teach analysts and nonanalysts alike the basics of using data for analysis and reporting. Robin Hunt defines what data analysis is and what data analysts do. She then shows how to identify your data set, interpret and summarize data, and perform specialized tasks such as creating workflow diagrams, cleaning data, and joining data sets for reporting. Chapter 4 covers techniques for initiating, managing, and troubleshooting data analysis projects. No matter where you are in your analytics career, this course will help you put data in perspective.

What happens when you combine Excel and Access? You get the best of both programs. Learn how to use Excel 2013 to get the most out of Access 2013 and save time building database solutions and running reports. Robin Hunt shows how to import and link to Excel data, run calculations in Excel and Access, build forms and reports in both programs, and automate tasks with macros, including the AutoExec startup macro in Access.

These techniques are the key to better personal productivity data systems. Start watching now.
Topics include:
Using the Problem Steps Recorder
Importing and linking Excel data as Access tables
Creating queries with tables
Calculating data in Excel vs. Access
Building forms
Creating reports for your solution
Building macros to run imports and queries

Certain reports cannot be achieved in Crystal Reports without links and understanding how to manipulate joins. Along with different joins, learning to deal with nulls is critical to writing effective and readable reports. This course covers these features, as well as techniques for writing letters and creating mailing labels with Crystal Reports vs. mail merge. Author Robin Hunt also shows how to write null statements, convert values to text, and combine fields and text boxes in your reports.
Topics include:
Understanding links and join types
Filtering by null values
Combining fields
Creating letters
Building mailing labels

Learn how to get the most from the Experts and the customization options in Crystal Reports 2013, the popular report-writing tool. Find out how to create groups that you can control, convert data for clearer reports, and format data based on field options and types. Author Robin Hunt will also show you how to use the Section Expert and Highlighting Expert, and create dynamic top and bottom reports.
Topics include:
Working with conditions on the exports
Setting defaults for fields
Browsing data
Building specified groups
Turning on Top/Bottom N groups
Grouping by formulas
Repeating group headers
Converting text


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