Welcome Dave Hunt to @ThinkDataSol


Dave Hunt via LinkedIn
In my career in the USMC and supporting the United States military as a contractor I have been referred to as a strong leader, proven performer and skilled critical thinker. I have been recognized as an expert in presentation development and delivery at all levels of business but thrive in working at the executive level.

I enjoy working in fast pace environments and the more dynamic the better. I have proven work experience managing complex projects that require the ability to establish and prioritize tasks to reduce the stress. Why training and development after 20+ years of service in the United States Marine corps? There are many personal reasons why this makes sense, but for the professional nature of LinkedIn I will summarize it. ThinkData is past start-up phase and in growth stage, as they have just turned 4 years old. They were looking for a person that has both led and participated in capture, proposal and program management to support their efforts to grow.

There are logistics involved with the actually effectively managing training of people and software projects. I held several logistics, operations and project management roles for the full range of military support. We believe the services to our clients will be impacted with my strong background in the development of major equipment performance specifications for government RFPs. That coupled with industry analysis of and interpretation of contract language to support effective and efficient completion of customer requirements.

I look forward to utilizing the analytical skills gained as it applied in support of multiple operations research efforts for the development of Marine Corps functional concepts and capabilities documentation, and support the growth of not only ThinkData but the many clients we have grown to support.


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